Update 2011-12-02

The new adventure log entry is up.
The XP chart has been updated.
Kevin has added tantalizing new details to the Blood of Khyber info!
— Derek

Update 2011-11-18

No waiting this time.
Adventure log entry
XP chart
Kevin added a Guide to Morlon-Daar
— Derek

Update 2011-11-16

Better late than never!
XP has been updated! Check out the chart.
The adventure log has be added! Make a quick comment before tonight!
Also, we are now better, faster, stronger… so update the “crunch” in your character profiles for Kevin.
— Derek

Update 2011-10-21

The latest Adventure Log entry and XP chart are now up. Don’t forget to leave an in-character comment on the log. Help Baylee get a handle on eveything he missed!
— Derek

Update 2011-10-5

Latest session poll is up here: — Kevin

Update 2011-09-28

I have added a Wish List page to the wiki. – Derek

Update 2011-09-24

Rejoice! The new and improved XP Chart is up on the wiki! We had made a minor error in our total XP prior to the reboot, so please note our correct total XP. – Derek

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