Guide to Morlon-Daar

A cesspool of vice and debauchery, Morglon-Daar is carved into the face of the Blood Rift at the base of Khin-Oin. It is a frontier boomtown whose life and commerce pulses with the taint of the Abyss. The architecture of the city is varied: buildings are carved from the rift wall or made from petrified fungus, but the most opulent edifices are build from towering walls of magically preserved corpses and bone fragments.

The city is de facto governed by the Blightlords: five demons who each rule over one of the city’s five wards. They rule by cunning and guide, but their true hold on power is judged by martial strength. A shadowy cabal known as the Priory of Rot, enigmatic robed magistrates, operates out of the base of Khin-Oin and claims true dominion over the city. Whether this is true, the Priory is greatly feared by everyone including the Blightlords. The Priory enforces the only law of the city — the city is neutral ground in the endless schemes and plots of the Lords of Dust, and therefore no Lord of Dust is permitted to set foot within the city. Those found to be secretly exerting their influence are rounded up by the Priory and never seen again. Other than those rare times, the Priory leaves the governance of the city to the Blightlords.

Briefly, the Blightlords are: Satugla, the Grand Assessor (the Spray), Lady Akaama (Riftwatch), Dogobaz (the Hive), Faman-dur (the Anvil), Packaos (Beggar’s Fall), and Bavamach (Archgeneral, not technically a Blightlord but held in the same regard).

The districts consist of: the Spray (the transport district and bazaar), Beggar’s Fall (the slums and laborers), Melakovian Hive (caverns carved into the cliff, contains the slave markets and the red light district), Riftwatch (center of governance and wealth), and the Anvil (crafting district).

Landmarks include: the great bridge Ogremoch’s Span, the Grand Bazaar, the Acidgloom Aerie, the Garden, Bonespike Slave Market, the Black Pool, Farogogon’s Villa, the Watching Tower, the Citadel Fauruzoun, and the Carnival Anathema. You know little about those other than that they are marked on your map, along with most of the inns and taverns.

Guide to Morlon-Daar

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