Maruc Codex


A large chunk of purplish crystal about the size of a child’s torso, it is surprisingly heavy and warm to the touch. The crystal has been broken in several places, and it seems a good portion of it is missing. It seems to have the ability to attract other pieces of itself in close proximity, as well as self-healing properties.

Not much is known about the Maruc Codex. Rumored to be a repository of the Draconic Prophesy, it is said to have great knowledge about the Lords of Dust and the Blood of Khyber. It was found in the Well of Darkness, in Khyber itself, part of an ancient machine that controlled and regulated that ancient prison.

Currently it is non-functional, but did seem to be active enough to glow white-hot when imparting information to Barnaby, its holder.

Maruc Codex

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