A bodiless voice from inside a soul jar, claiming to be a coatl.


The Empty Keg first encountered Szo-Ahm in the Well of Darkness, an ancient prison for demons, in the form of a bodiless voice which can only speak through specialized magical means. He claims to be the spirit of an ancient coatl — a race of draconic beings from the dawn of time who fought against the Lords of Dust.

According to him, he was one of many guardians of the prison and was forced to take refuge along with many others in specialized soul storage jars and await rescue after there was some kind of demonic prison revolt. He has been unaware of his surroundings for tens of thousands of years.

The Keg struck a bargain with Szo-Ahm where they promised to bring the soul storage devices out of Khyber and try to restore them in exchange for his assistance navigating the prison itself. However, relations have not been good as the company seems to distrust his intentions.


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