A night hag trader from the city of Greywall, Niamh prefers to appear as a no-nonsense, attractive woman with grey skin and red eyes dressed in prim business attire complete with spectacles.

She first encountered the Empty Keg while claiming to be on a trading mission — swapping souls from the underworld for residuum. After some bargaining, she provided the company with maps and the name of a contact to help them leave Khyber in exchange for a lock of Azera’s hair.

(Characters trained in Arcana should be aware that night hags are known for creating Witch Eye Amulets from pieces of an individual’s body. Body parts, especially eyes, are the best, but enough skin, hair, or blood will do the trick. Witch Eye Amulets at their weakest allow the hag to experience the subject’s senses — see through their eyes, etc. At their strongest they allow the hag to interfere with the subject’s dreams or even take control of them, though such amulets theoretically need samples taken on three separate occasions.)


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