Krumroc Rathborne


Krumroc was born in Karrnath, the fifth of nine children. Brash, headstrong, and bloodthirsty, he was anxious to fight as soon as the Last War broke out — eager to make a name for himself on the battlefield. Once he had a chance to experience the true horrors of war, all of that changed.

He returned from war a different man. He cleaned up his life, stopped drinking so much, and found the Silver Flame to set him on the straight and narrow. Boisterous and gung-ho, he put together a group of ex-military to serve as troubleshooters and mercenaries in an effort to keep men with no skills other than killing on the right path.

A natural leader, Krumroc was well liked by everyone, and served as the heart of the Empty Keg. His abduction (and possible death) has left a hole that has not had time to be filled, but everyone feels his absence.

Krumroc Rathborne

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