First and Forsaken Prince


The First and Forsaken Prince lusts after innocence, purity, and honesty more than anything else, and the world above is a perfect breeding ground for this precious fruit. The demon lord takes from his victims all that makes them pure, then fills their hollow souls with bitterness and cruelty. When not scouting the mortal world for his next conquest, he can almost always be found on the Plain of 1000 Portals.

With his attention focused outward from the scheming of the Lords of Dust, the Prince has gathered many foes among the other abyssal lords. His true enemy is Lamashtu, the Demon Queen of Monstrous Births, his former consort who long ago betrayed him. In return, he ate out her eyes and is said to have imprisoned her deep within Khyber, where she is said to have suffered ever since. Though some rumors say that she found a way back out of Khyber …

Unlike most other Lords of Dust, it is rumored that the Prince is able to manifest freely in the mortal world. But surely such a thing could not be true, as it would be too terrible to behold.

It is not certain if his name is nothing more than an elaborate deception, but there are some half-translated manuscripts claiming that the Prince was the first to control the seed of evil that spawned the abyss and created the Lords of Dust — and thus the first Prince of Demons. The “forsaken” portion of the name? One can only assume that either he no longer controls the seed, or that the other Lords no longer recognize any authority, or perhaps it is simply a trick to keep his enemies off guard.

First and Forsaken Prince

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