The Empty Keg

Session 30


  • The Keg makes their way through a hellish volcanoscape, climbing Giger-esque pillars of obsidian and stairs made by inhuman hands while being deafened by the calls of tortured souls.
    • Lan falls even after Kharif tells him to stop being a puss
    • Krumroc uses the Diadem of Hell to determine that the entire structure is held up solely by the will of Rhashaak’s bloodline and could come crashing down at any moment.
  • Once the company reaches the summit, an enormous stone dragon’s head animates and speaks. It claims to be one of Rhashaak’s progeny, and thanks the Keg for destroying the last thing that prevented him from seizing the demon’s power now that his father is away.
  • The dragon’s mouths summon demons who assault the Keg. Sadly, most of those demons fail to avoid standing on the edge of the platform and get pushed into lava.
  • Once the demons have been all but dispatched, Lashrak (the dragon) attacks, climbing out of a deep well in the center of the stalagmite and bringing chilling darkness. Using his blasphemous demon-stolen power, he causes the Keg to quake in fear, then unleashes a devastating spray of acid.
    • Lashrak tries to call upon the power hidden within the stone dragon statutes, but Krumroc is either far to canny or just really likes smashing shit, because before he can, one statute has fallen.
    • The dragon gets a few solid licks in, but ultimately is subdued. Surprising no one, the entire field of bridges and spires begins to collapse.
  • The Keg decides that, since the way they came has toppled into an ocean of lava, the smart thing to do is jump down the well that Lashrak crawled out of. A brilliant plan, except they seem to have forgotten that dragons fly but dwarves do not. Cue 100’ fall at the end of the shaft.
    • Barnaby and Jack leap off the dragon, the halfling clinging to the wall and the gnome to a rope. The rest of the company tries desperately to steer the falling dragon, in a split second, away from the ground. Against all odds, they succeed! Only to note that the chamber itself isn’t enormous, and that the dragon is now on a collission course for the wall.
    • Joshua and Lan are thrown clear, tumble down the side of the chamber, and land in a heap. Krumroc holds on for dear life and shouts a catchphrase, and lets the body of the dragon cushion his fall. Unfortunately, he lets the bodies of Joshua and Lan cusion his fall as well.

Primordial Ring (except it makes you a demon, not an elemental)
Flame Bracers (?)

Load Bearing Boss, 1000xp
Dwarves Can So Fly + Climbing + RP/Fun Bonus, 700xp


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