The Empty Keg

Session 29


  • The Keg explored further into the temple and encountered angels guarding a wide hallway. The angels did not attack until the company approached a small pyramid, which burst into slo-mo fire. Even then, the angels refused to attack Krumroc who walked into the fire and emerged unscathed.
    • There he communed with what appeared to be the maiden of the Silver Flame who tried to assuage his guilt and tell him that even if he had turned his back on the Flame, the Flame refused to turn it’s back on him.
    • She also told Krumroc of the corruption which had taken hold in Thrane, that he should beware other agents of the Flame. Additionally, she recounted the story of the current temple — built on a demon citadel to contain the demons, locked by the powers of all three dragons.
    • Khyber’s key was the skull of the Gatekeeper, but she told Krumroc to be wary since the skull was sealed inside the prison. Siberys’ key lay with the bloodline of the draconic protectors.
  • The party explored a shrine to the Three Dragons where it was obvious that the lizardfolk had been revering Khyber over the other two dragons.
    • Barnaby prized out the gem eyes of the Khyber statute and was cursed … TWICE because what were the chances that the statute would cast it’s curse when the SECOND eye was taken out? Joshua lit the unused votive candles for Eberron and Siberys and was blessed.
  • The Keg explored a disused passage and found a room which labeled itself the Domain of the Green. Eventually, Jack determined he could use the magic circle to transport the party into the Feywild.
    • They found themselves in a great viking feasting hall lorded over by a Man in Green who seemed to know Jack. He invited them to feast with him (all refused) and when questioned about the key to the jail, he suggested a contest.
    • The company undertook his challenges, all of which were rigged — Krumroc lost an eating contest to fire, Joshua lost a race to thought, and Barnaby lost a wrestling match to old age, though in all cases each one felt they were competing against another person. Jack exorted the Man to play fair, and Barnaby challenged him to a shell game, which the Man lost.
  • At which point the Man challenged the Keg to claim the key themselves if they wanted it so badly, and summoned plant minions who were hollow copies of the company. These minions were protected by huge lumps of moss which seemed to feed on thought and memory, and who could absorb damage. The first side to find the key, buried within a plant pod scattered throughout the hall, and bring it to the Green Man would be the victor.
    • Eventually plant-Jack found the key, but was foiled in bringing it to his master by real-Jack who cast him up into the air where the creature stayed for PRETTY MUCH THE ENTIRE BATTLE which consisted mostly of plant-Joshua swordbursting real-Krumroc over and over.
    • The Green Man told the Keg what Eberron’s key was (mud, spit, and breath) and returned them to the real world with his blessing, applauding the company for being such “good sports.”

Hall of Dragons — 520xp
Fey Lords Don’t Cheat! — 650xp
Plant-Keg Hockey Game — 735xp
RP Bonus — 650xp

Onyx dragon-eye gems (1500gp)
Krumroc’s hammer was blessed by the Silver Flame itself and becomes +3 Crusader (forgot to mention this)
Green Man offered to enchant any one item to +3 as reward for being a good sport (oops, forgot to mention this, decide yourselves!)


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